The Cupacolypse is an ongoing twitter joke, thanks to #swtorfamily and various members of @TORFamilyGuild, based off of my personal love of coffee that has been extended to my main character in Bioware’s MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic. In many ways, Blizzaire and her daughter Raela are both extensions of myself. Blizz’s reactions to these situations are similar to what I would do, were I in that universe; being semi-serious and sarcastic in her attempts to not only get her coffee cups back, but to also keep them hidden. Raela, on the other hand, while she thinks the jokes are funny, is trying keep her mother happy by replacing the lost cups…which is inadvertently fueling the fire, haha.

The culprits? Well, they’re none other than two of Blizz’s closest advisors and friends: her daughter-in-law, Lana Beniko and Mr. Trouble-Maker, Theron Shan.

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