Blizzaire, Star Wars: The Old Republic

The Winter Warrior

Blizzaire is 100% Echani and was born and raised on the southern pole of Eshan. Grew up learning how to fight as a means to get to know another person. Not necessarily to kill. She has no siblings, only her parents and the children she grew up sparring with.

When she was 13, her colony was attacked by the Sith Empire. Betrayed by one of their own. He had been promised an apprenticeship if he revealed the location of the colony he was from. Nature hid the colony well. Furious snowstorms kept it hidden from view and battered those that didn’t know how to get there safely.

During the attack, she helped defend the colony….but vibroblades don’t last long against lightsabers and her people were crushed like ice cubes. In her fury, she lashed out with a force wave that she didn’t even know she was capable of. The massive influx of power stunned her and a nearby Sith knocked her unconscious. She was taken to Korriban to be trained.

She was FURIOUS at the Sith and the betrayer, but she hadn’t lost her sense of self or the pride she had for her people. She excelled during the combat portions of her training and struggled with the Force as she had only just learned she could wield it. During training drills she often released her anger on her opponent. She never struck to kill, but she did let out her frustrations on her fellow acolytes and they often left injured. One Lord, whom she recognized from the attack, jokingly exclaimed that she held the very fury of the blizzards that kept her people hidden. He began calling her Blizz (SURPRISE! Blizz isn’t her real name).

During her training, she was ordered to kill another acolyte because he was proclaimed to be too weak and a waste of space. She refused. She never claimed to be Sith, but she found a sense of unity with the other acolytes. An unofficial family of sorts and she refused to lash out at them in such a deadly manner. It would feel like a similar betrayal to the experience that killed her own people.

The Lord that gave the order lashed out at her for her disobedience. She fought well, but was no match for him. During the fight, she stepped incorrectly during her form and he took the moment to remove her leg and then left her to die. The pain was intense, but the lightsaber cauterized the large wound so she didn’t bleed out. She dove deep into the dark side of the Force present on Korriban to will her way out. She couldn’t walk, but she could crawl and pull herself out of the tomb she had been dumped in (imagine Anakin in episode 3 on Mustafar).

As fate would have it, the very traitor that took everything from her crossed paths with her during that very dark moment. There was nothing to save him from the combination of pain and rage that had taken her over….she lashed out with the Force and brought him to her. Suspended him just above the ground where she was, eye-level, choked him til he turned purple….then crushed his neck.

There was nothing left of her past at this point, nothing holding her back…and she fully embraced the dark side…and the name she had jokingly been given. She became the furious blizzard that simultaneously defends….and attacks; The Winter Warrior.  —-


Author’s Note: The character of Blizzaire (Blizz) found in this piece is an OC in my personal canon from Bioware’s MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic.

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