Raela Moira, Star Wars: The Old Republic

Raela Moira and the Continuing Legacy

Raela is born when Blizz is 22 (chapter 2). Young, naïve and passionate moment shared with Quinn. Raela…changed Blizz. She was still a dark-sided warrior…but her ruthless nature began changing to something more keen to the person she WOULD HAVE been if not taken by the Sith. Having a child forced her to see things differently. To consider things she hadn’t before. “If I kill this person, who else does it hurt?” As Raela grew, Blizz gradually began losing her “darker” qualities, but the strength it gave her remained. Her dark-sided nature became more of a corruption she couldn’t seem to fully shake rather than a voluntary embrace.

Raela isn’t force sensitive, to Blizz’s relief. And she was able to raise her on her ship. Vette essentially became her aunt and caretaker when Blizz wasn’t available. She didn’t trust her with anyone else. After Quinn betrayed her and tried to kill her, she wouldn’t let him near her (and no one on the ship would either). Raela grew up without knowing her father and learned many of her skills from Vette: infiltration, slicing, etc. As she got older, she began expressing interest in being a spy. She found the life exciting and romantic and joined Imperial Intelligence willingly when she was of age.

Without having experienced any of the trauma that her mother had, Raela sees the galaxy in a different way. She’s more light-hearted and friendly. More willing to flirt first and shoot second. The biggest difference between her and her mother is that she finds joy in patching people up where Blizz enjoys a good fight. She understands it’s necessary for the greater good at times to attack and will do so when necessary, but she would prefer not to.

She also doesn’t fear the Sith. At all. She knows what they can do…but she also knows her lineage…and she knows that the Sith know too. She could handle herself, but wasn’t against name dropping if it made a bigger impact than her defenses would. She and her mother are very close and Blizz would 100% come to the aid of her daughter whenever needed.

Meeting Lana was normal at first…a flirt flung her way, but unlike the usual response Raela gets, Lana deflected it. Matter-of-factly, even. She became a challenge and, like her mother, Raela doesn’t back down from challenges. The next time they talked, they were alone and Lana acted differently. Raela realized she had been wearing a mask because of the company she was in at the time. And she flirted back. They ended up having a lot in common with just enough differences between them to keep things interesting and fresh. They became inseparable. And Blizz, having worked with Lana previously, approved of the relationship, but as a mother does, continued to keep an eye on them both. Especially considering the dangerous situations they were putting themselves into.

They do marry a couple of years later. Raela wanted children, but knew it wasn’t possible naturally and Lana had a suggestion…sith alchemy. Raela had never considered it…”when was that ever an option? Was it safe?” Blizz questioned it as well, having seen her fair share of sith alchemy throughout her life, but Raela trusted Lana and Blizz wanted Raela to be happy…so a rite was performed. Lana led it, of course, with Blizz allowing Lana to focus on her will in order to complete it. (cont.)

Two baby girls were born from the rite. Having been born of sith alchemy, their eyes naturally glowed yellow like Lana’s and their grandmother’s during her dark sided phase. And soft tufts of white hair could be seen on their tiny heads. They hadn’t even thought of names…the decision seemed so sudden, but no one in the room could stop smiling long enough to think about it. Raela and Lana each cradled one of their daughters and took them back to their room to get acquainted with their beautiful little family in private.

Lana could sense the Force in them immediately. They would be powerful later, if trained to use it. Even Raela could sense something in the one she held. Something familiar…something she had felt all throughout her childhood. The resemblance to her mother was uncanny and a thought came to mind. Or rather, to voice, “Karena.” Her mother’s birth name. The one she had given up when she lost everything and turned to the dark side for life.

Lana had no ideas for names and turned to Raela to name their other child. There was a name Raela had had stuck in her head for a long time. She could never figure out why…but she could never forget it either. Ceira Lynn.

Blizz never took the throne, but she did continue to command and lead the Alliance. With the birth of her two granddaughters, her Alliance now had heirs of sorts…royalty, if you will. They were raised and trained in such a manner. They had a legacy to carry on after all.  ——-

Note: I never imagined Raela and Lana having kids…or rather it was a nice idea but wasn’t sure about it until the Sims 4 gods made Raela pregnant and then surprised me with twin girls and I just ran with it :D

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