Snow Angels

“This way,” Blizz lead on to the south.

Raela couldn’t help but be stunned at her mother’s response. Even as the Commander of Imperial Intelligence, she had always had trouble tracking down the details of her mother’s past. She knew of everything that had occurred after her mother began her apprenticeship on Korriban, but everything prior to that remained a mystery and every time she asked about it, Blizz managed to deflect her attempts with ease. Unless you were proficient in the Force, interrogating a Sith lord usually wasn’t very successful…not that she’d dare think about interrogating her mother in such a manner. Still, she couldn’t help but be curious. In a way, it was her history too.

She was excited! Yet…the tone in which her mother responded didn’t say the same…whatever answers Blizz was going to give must be painful.

The walk to their destination was…eerie. Everything was quiet and the world had a somber tint to it…Raela could see old structures in the distance. Or the remains of them anyway. She wasn’t sure if they had collapsed from the cold or if something had broken them. Occasionally, the sound of their steps changed from the light fluff of the snow to a hard dud like ice. Only it wasn’t ice, it was stone. A walkway that lead to a larger facility up ahead. It looked desolate….abandoned.

“What is this place?” Raela asked. A look of questioning concern had crossed her face as she turned and took a closer look at her surroundings.

“A tomb,” not stopping or slowing down, Blizz continued on towards the larger facility. Raela jogged to catch up as Blizz rounded a corner and nearly ran right into her as she had stopped in the doorway. Raela tried to calm her breathing after the jog, but what she saw in front of her…well, she thought she was cold before, but this chilled her more than the weather itself.

This place wasn’t abandoned…it had been attacked. There were bodies everywhere….frozen and preserved where they had fallen. Raela had seen so many messed up things during her career as a field agent and Cipher…even experienced some of those messed up things personally, but she was a doctor by nature…and this hurt to see. There were bodies that were broken, missing…pieces…She could tell which ones died instantly from their wounds and which ones hadn’t. The ones that survived their wound initially, laid frozen with expressions of pain on their face and had curled up to keep warm…if only for a little while. Those that died instantly…their faces were expressionless and their bodies looked as if they had simply fallen over. Blizz turned her head and saw the horrified expression on her daughter’s face as she scanned the area…”This is what my home looks like now.”

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