Snow Angels

She walked out into a large open area. She paid extra attention to the ground and stepped carefully. She had no desire to disturb the fallen and showed respect where she could. Raela had heard her mother described in many…choice words, but no one ever questioned her honor or the respect she had for her enemies and a good fight. She gingerly followed her mother’s footsteps through the snow.

There stood a single pyre in the center that somehow remained lit even though it was battered by the wind passing through the facility. It seemed almost mystical…there was nothing fueling the fire that she could tell, but there it was; standing the test of time and beating the elements regardless of it’s circumstances. Raela joined her mother and stood near the fire. Blizz’s gaze seemed transfixed on the movement of the flames and Raela could see it’s reflection dancing in her mother’s eyes.

“We were betrayed by one of our own. Scylas.” Blizz spoke as if in a trance. “We thought he had gotten lost on his hunt, but our search efforts turned up nothing and we weren’t able to track him. He reappeared 3 months later with an armada of Imperial troops…and he led them right to us.”

Raela shifted in her stance slightly, watching the flames shuffle in her mother’s eyes and listening as the wind carried her somber voice.

“The Echani are warriors. Combat is one of the first things we learn as children and it’s something we practiced daily. You can learn a lot about a person by the way they carry themselves in a fight. Scylas was never one to strike first. He was more defensive and patient by nature. He would wait for an opportunity and then strike when you weren’t expecting it. With his betrayal…he was no different.”

“Our warriors formed a front to defend the colony. The children, like myself, were armed and more than ready to fight, but remained inside under orders from our elders.”

“It didn’t take long for screams to pierce the colony though…I’d never heard a lightsaber ignite before.”

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