Snow Angels

“The Imperial troops weren’t much of a match for our warriors. They were too slow and no amount of blaster bolts could save them in most cases. The Sith that lead them though…we never stood a chance,” Blizz looked down, shaking her head. Raela could see the pain in her mother. Blizz tried to hide it, as she always does, but Raela knows better. Blizz turned to her daughter who had rested a gentle hand on her mother’s shoulder, “You’ve seen the slave skirmishes on Dromund Kaas. Armed with vibroblades, willing to fight to the death….only to effortlessly be cut down by a lightsaber in passing. That’s what this was like.”

“When they made it inside, it was clear that they had been ordered to leave no survivors and because all of the children were armed, we were fair game to them. Just another piece of ice to crush,” Blizz shrugged.

“How did you survive?” Raela wondered aloud.

Blizz turned back to the fire, “I caught the eye of a Sith warrior who had just removed his blade from one of his victims. He turned to face me and spun his blade in a challenge. I had never been more terrified in my life…my friends and family were being killed left and right all around me and now this warrior and his blood red weapon were taunting me. It angered me beyond reason…if I was going to die that day, it wouldn’t be because I ran. I charged at him with my double-bladed vibroblade.”

“It didn’t take long for his lightsaber to remove half of my blade…fortunately, he never managed to actually hit me, but considering my own weapon was useless against his, I realized I needed to change my tactic. He could swing at me all he wanted, but I was smaller, quicker and could avoid his heavy strikes.”

Raela’s grip on her mother’s shoulder tensed without her knowing and Blizz reached up to place a hand on her daughter’s to comfort her as she listened.

“One of his swings was so powerful that when I dodged, he lost his balance trying to follow me. That was my opening….and I took it. From the ground, I swung my blade upward with a force I didn’t even know I had…a force that ended up knocking me back down to the ground as it threw him backwards through the wall…”

“I stared at the gaping hole in the wall as I rose to my feet, but before I could even get my bearings, something hit me hard on the back of the head…next thing I know, I’m waking up in chains on a very hot and dusty planet called Korriban.”

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