Snow Angels

Filling in the pieces, Raela’s hand fell from her mother’s shoulder and she turned her head to take another look at the frozen bodies scattered on the ground. “These people….their fight, it reminds you of home. Of your family,” Raela said softly.


“This place, the memories, if it causes you so much pain then why do you keep coming back here?” Being a field medic, Raela didn’t understand the need to poke at old wounds; they wouldn’t heal that way.

“Because they deserve to be remembered. By someone. Anyone,” said Blizz strongly. “I can’t go back to Eshan. The memories have haunted me for most of my life, but these people…I understand. I wasn’t part of the attack or the defense, but I understand.” She turned and pointed to various bodies on the ground, “Everything you see here…I saw a very similar attack actually happen. I was a part of it. Any one of these frozen bodies, could have been me back home. Frozen to the floor with the other children whose names no one will ever know or care to remember…so I’ll remember them. And I’ll remember these people as well.”

Her question had clearly bothered her mother and it made her uncomfortable. Of course, standing in a frozen graveyard certainly doesn’t help the matter…

“You said that if you ever wanted to make a snow angel, you would come to Ilum…why?” Raela asked in an effort to lighten the mood somewhat.

The question caught her off guard, but Blizz welcomed the change of subject. She could feel the uneasiness in Raela and was ready to leave this area as well. She met Raela’s eyes with a smirk, “I’ll show you.”

She walked Raela out to a clear patch of snow, away from the memories and decrepit structures. She tilted her head towards Raela, still wearing her smirk and suddenly…just fell backwards into the snow. Raela couldn’t help but smile watching her mother playing in the snow and joined her in the soft powder. Once Blizz was satisfied with her craftsmanship, she laid still where she was and gazed up at the stars. The sky was so clear…you could even see purple sections of a nearby cluster. “It’s so beautiful,” Raela exhaled. Blizz turned her head and smiled, “This is why I make snow angels here.”

They chuckled and continued admiring the sight of the galaxy before them while enjoying the peace and quiet for a few minutes.

“What ever happened to Scylas?” Raela broke the silence. Her curiosity had gotten the better of her.

“I killed him.”



This was inspired by a one-tweet story I posted on August 6, 2017 called “Thoughts of Home.

Author’s Note: The characters of Blizzaire (Blizz), Raela Moira (Raela), and Scylas found in this story are OC’s in my personal canon from Bioware’s MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic.

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