Snow Angels

The “whoosh” of the airlock as it opened to the orbital station above Ilum was all-too familiar to both of them. Individually, they had traveled all over the galaxy and the orbital station itself was no different from any other Imperial station they had visited along the way. What Raela didn’t understand was why her mother had insisted she even come here with her in the first place…

The trip to the surface was quick. Of course, it helps that two of the passengers on board are the Emperor’s Wrath and the Commander of Imperial Intelligence.

The burst of chilling air that entered the transport as the door opened was enough to stop anyone in their tracks. Well, except for Blizz. She exited the transport like it was nothing. Raela was pretty sure she even saw a smile cross her mother’s face as the brisk air welcomed her. Blizz loved the colder planets. She always told Raela that if she wanted to make a snowman, she’d go to Hoth and enjoy the mounds of fresh powder as far as the eye could see. If she wanted to make a snow angel, she’d come here to Ilum. Her mother appeared hard as ice on the outside in most situations. She had to be. It was little sayings like that that reminded Raela of her mother’s child-like spirit that most never saw. She saw it all the time growing up, but only when it was the two of them or if Auntie Vette was nearby.

“Grab a speeder and follow me. We have a bit of traveling to do,” Blizz said as Raela exited the transport. “Oh, and I’d keep your body low to the speeder so you don’t freeze on the way there. Since you didn’t bring your parka…”

Raela was already chilled…she wasn’t freezing, but she definitely wished she had brought her parka. Blizz did warn her that Ilum was colder than Hoth….At least Hoth has sunlight and some semblance of warmth. Ilum had very little. It seemed like a never-ending night. Traveling on the speeder didn’t help matters at all either. The chill amplified and hit her bones as if she wasn’t wearing anything at all.

Fortunately and unfortunately, the ride ended swiftly. The faster she rode, the colder the temperature felt, but at least she didn’t have to feel it for long.

Blizz looked up to the sky. Raela could see her mother’s yellow eyes glowing in the night. She would hate to be her enemy in a place like this…between her armor, hair color, complexion, and natural affection for these tundra-like environments, she’d make a perfect predator. The moment you saw the glow of her eyes, it would be too late.

Blizz closed her eyes, head tilted up to the stars still and took a long deep breath of the cold air. “Are you alright?” Raela said softly, as she joined her mother’s side.

“You’ve been wanting answers,” her mother said softly. “You’re going to get them.”

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