The Overseer marched over and picked her up by her arms, forcing her to stand. The massive influx of pain and blinding light had left Karena in a daze…she was pretty sure she could smell the singe of burnt hair.

“Move it, you piece of filth.” He pushed her forward, keeping one hand on his lightsaber at all times. She couldn’t explain it, but she could sense that he was unsure of her. Afraid, even. His face was still red from her kick and she took pride in that. In this place, little victories like that may save her. “Welcome to Korriban,” he pushed her forward harder this time and she was immediately hit by a blazing sun with a heat she had never felt before. She was nearly convinced she would melt if she stayed out there long enough, if the dust didn’t kill her first.

Her initial suspicion had been correct, she had been held underground. Gazing around, it seemed as if more structures here did the same. They were built into the sides of the rocky, desert-like terrain.

“LINE UP!” barked the Overseer as he forced Karena into place and the remaining slaves arrived. They all looked as battered and beaten as she did, but showed signs of longer wear and tear…she couldn’t help but wonder where they had come from and if they were here because their homes were also attacked. Whatever the reason, she immediately felt a sort of kinship with them. They clearly were not here by choice.

“You stand before the halls of the Sith Academy, where the weak perish and the strong prevail. Most of you will die in a short time here. Anyone who manages to survive their time here, will probably die due to the incompetence and stupidity that slaves naturally have.”

Her face must’ve shown her disdain for the Overseer’s opinion because his next comment, while meant for the group, was directed at her specifically.

“You. Are. Nothing,” he spat. “Your life prior to this moment means nothing. Your loved ones, jobs, achievements…they all mean nothing. Not like any of you worms had anything to be proud of anyway.”

Realizing her odds of actually escaping Korriban intact were pretty slim…and that she had nowhere to go, she decided to suck in her pride and learn what she could from the barking dog. These people had the ability to wipe out entire colonies with ease. She saw firsthand what the Sith were capable of. While she had no desire in mass murders, she saw no harm in expanding her combat skills and honing whatever strength it was that had allowed her to throw Lord Tranton through the wall back home. Not like she had much of a choice at this point.

One thought on “Acceptance

  1. Really loved this one. You do a really great job w/dialogue. I find that to be a deal breaker w/fic, if you don’t get the “voices” right, you lose me. I really felt like this could be a scene in the game. I’m thoroughly impressed. 🙂 I really want to think up a backstory like this for my agent… so thanks for the inspiration!! Can’t wait to read more! xoxo

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