When the class got down to the final six standing, their trials became more focused. Lord Harinn himself even became more involved. He became less interested in seeing how hard they could hit and instead wanted to know if they could survive dangerous situations.

In an odd turn of events, Lord Harinn led one of their trials personally. Karena liked to imagine that he was tired of the Overseer’s barking and did it to put him on a public leash. Even high-ranking Sith have to be humbled at times.

Lord Harinn ordered the remaining six to meet him deep within the tomb of Marka Ragnos. There were six specific beasts hidden throughout the tomb; special gifts from an inquisitor with an experiment gone awry. Each of the acolytes had a specific beast to kill; the kicker was actually finding your beast. The tomb was already filled with creatures who claimed dusty corners and spaces their homes. Shyrack were packed in everywhere and tuk’ata were sprinkled all about. Each acolyte was given a single clue that would somehow lead them through the intertwining chambers of the tomb to their beast where they then had to kill it.

Karena’s beast turned out to be a terentatek and she assumed the others had received the same. All the acolytes had those blasted practice blades too…she didn’t see this going well. Her beast was huge and could probably topple most of its surroundings if it really wanted to. Lord Harinn had made it obviously clear…his apprentice would be more than brute force. His apprentice would be able to adapt and defeat what initially appeared to be undefeatable.

The beast unleashed a deafening roar upon seeing that something had entered its chamber and stood tall as if to taunt. This terentatek was…wrong. She had never seen one before, but had heard about them among the Lords in the Academy. This creature had experienced something horrible and its fury flowed off of it like the heat from a sun. She could feel it. “What did they do to you?” she whispered to herself. Part of her empathized with the beast, but the energy and emotion she felt coming from it told her that would probably be an unwise move. Her empathy in this situation could literally crush her.

Before she could think of a plan, the ground began to rumble as the great beast steamrolled towards her and she had just enough time to leap over the charging beast. If there was one thing she had figured out with the Force, it was how to supplement her jumps and speed with it. She could leap and dash around without issue; especially when pressed…and she was definitely pressed here.

There was a strange crumbling sound as the beast rammed into the wall that Karena had previously been standing in front of and rocks began to fall on it. It slowed the terentatek down, but it didn’t stop it. It simply shook it off, roared in anger that it had missed its target and crouched down as if to launch itself at her again.

She had an idea, but she would need to survive it…and that meant the tomb couldn’t crumble to the ground in the process. There were plenty of statues and large structures all around her and none of them seemed structural. At least she hoped not anyway…

One thought on “Acceptance

  1. Really loved this one. You do a really great job w/dialogue. I find that to be a deal breaker w/fic, if you don’t get the “voices” right, you lose me. I really felt like this could be a scene in the game. I’m thoroughly impressed. 🙂 I really want to think up a backstory like this for my agent… so thanks for the inspiration!! Can’t wait to read more! xoxo

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