The Overseer reached for his lightsaber, but Lord Harinn pushed him backwards off his feet before he could ignite it. “My Lord?” the Overseer sat up on the floor confused.

“After all this time here, you have yet to make a dent in this acolyte. She remains as willful and passionate as she was when she first arrived. It’s a testament to her mental fortitude…and to your own failure,” he scolded the Overseer. “Apologies, my Lord. She is headstrong and refuses to listen.” whimpered the dog.

“And who’s fault is that? It’s not hers.” Lord Harinn lifted the Overseer off the ground by his neck, “You want to be respected, you command it. You prove yourself. I saw how her people fought us. Every single one of them was a blizzard incarnate. Simultaneously defending themselves and attacking their enemy. They didn’t fear us and they fought to the death. They earned my respect,” he pointed back at Karena with his empty hand. “That acolyte is no different from the rest of her people…and you have done NOTHING to calm that storm.”

To say Karena wasn’t enjoying the show would be a lie. She was relishing it as a small stream of blood flowed down the right side of her face from the backhand. It certainly didn’t stop her from smirking. Seeing the barking dog’s leash finally be reined in was all too satisfying!

He dropped the Overseer and quickly whipped out his lightsaber, turning it on Karena who instinctively jumped back. “I should kill you right here, right now for your continued defiance. Your people fought honorably. I admired their strength of mind and continued fight, but they were wastes of space,” he kept his blade extended towards her. “Prove your worth acolyte. Prove you are more than your people.”

“What’s even going on right now?” she thought. She got caught up in watching the master discipline his pet, that she had forgotten why it happened in the first place. She had no weapon…her practice blade had been collected when she returned! Not that it would do any good against a lightsaber.

It didn’t matter. He didn’t give her much time to think about it anyway and he began shifting through his stances to strike her. The other acolytes scattered away from her as they were directly in the line of fire and any interference would surely mean death for them.

Ducking and falling, swerving to avoid a precise red blade. Lord Tranton was an easier fight than Lord Harinn. Lord Tranton was all strength and heavy strikes that could be avoided with speed. Lord Harinn was more nimble and she had a hard time avoiding his strikes long enough to get a punch or kick in. During one of her dodges, she remembered the lightsaber she had thrown on the floor and reached out with the Force to find it. Literally reaching out for the saber turned out to be a bad idea that nearly cost her her arm.

She did manage to locate it though and, like the terentatek, she began using her dodges to lead Lord Harinn in its direction so she could grab it. He caught on to her changed tactic though and adapted. He focused less on speedy strikes and more on powerful ones in an attempt to stop her in her tracks. The problem with his tactic was that it was flawed…as it was exactly what she wanted him to do. Like Lord Tranton, the larger, heavier strikes were easier to fend off and this gave her more leeway to move.

The longer the fight went on, the more she found herself being sucked into the conflict. She was enjoying the fight far too much for this to be natural. “Feed on it acolyte,” Lord Harinn sensed it. “That energy, that excitement you’re feeling…you’re being fueled by your passion. And through passion, you gain strength,” he used the moment to educate and recited the remainder of the Sith Code.

She couldn’t deny it. She had tried to resist the entire time she was on Korriban, but something had been tugging at her since she arrived. The dark side taunted her here with memories of her people’s slaughter. It heated her anger and want for vengeance. She knew Scylas was on Korriban, but had somehow never crossed paths with him. If that opportunity presented itself, he would regret it.

One thought on “Acceptance

  1. Really loved this one. You do a really great job w/dialogue. I find that to be a deal breaker w/fic, if you don’t get the “voices” right, you lose me. I really felt like this could be a scene in the game. I’m thoroughly impressed. 🙂 I really want to think up a backstory like this for my agent… so thanks for the inspiration!! Can’t wait to read more! xoxo

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