While Lord Harinn finished the Code, Karena closed the distance between her and the rejected lightsaber, igniting it immediately. In all of her time here, she hadn’t actually held one before. It was heavier than she imagined it being, but even as old as it was, the lightsaber felt balanced and was easy to fight with once she adjusted to its weight.
Lord Harinn chuckled softly at the sight of her standing there with the saber, “Finally.”

With a snarl on her face, she charged at him and he met her in the middle. For several minutes, their area was nothing but red flashes coupled with the hum of the lightsabers that was only interrupted when they clashed together.

This felt right. This was a good fight. The cycle of slashes, stabs, and dodges felt natural with a lightsaber; like she should’ve been born with one in her hand. Karena was able to match him strike for strike and the battle was inevitably going nowhere. Both of them had close calls though. At one point, she nearly got his shoulder and he almost got her side.

There was one thing she didn’t account for though…the Force.

Lord Harinn pushed her back with a blast of air. She withstood enough of it to not be knocked back, but it unbalanced her and her steps swayed. She held her chest trying to regain the breath that had been knocked out of her while trying to regain her footing at the same time. But it was too late and the opening had been made. With a quick red flash, Lord Harinn removed her extended right leg and she crumpled to the floor screaming in pain.

“Disappointing,” Lord Harinn sheathed his saber and picked her up using the Force. Her face was covered in a mixture of dried blood, sweat, tears, and dust. The pain from her leg seared as if someone was holding a scorching piece of metal to her. There was nothing she could to do stop it either. “You had so much potential, but you’re just a failure like the rest of your people. A waste of space.” He thrust her back against the wall and the force of the impact caused her to lose consciousness temporarily.

“Overseer, return the remaining acolytes to my chamber. The next trial will begin shortly,” he commanded as he turned to exit the tomb, but not before finishing what Karena had never started. He cut down the injured acolyte like grass and continued his exit back out to the Academy.

“What would you like done with her my Lord?” the Overseer asked, gesturing in Karena’s direction. “There’s a tuk’ata that will be eating well tonight,” answered Lord Harinn.

“You heard my Lord, you slimes. Move it!” The remaining two acolytes never imagined they’d be the last ones standing…it was plainly visible by the disbelief that crossed their faces. They had been thoroughly encouraged to continue their training….and to obey their superiors. The lot exited the tomb, leaving Karena and the murdered acolyte lying on the ground for the beasts.

One thought on “Acceptance

  1. Really loved this one. You do a really great job w/dialogue. I find that to be a deal breaker w/fic, if you don’t get the “voices” right, you lose me. I really felt like this could be a scene in the game. I’m thoroughly impressed. 🙂 I really want to think up a backstory like this for my agent… so thanks for the inspiration!! Can’t wait to read more! xoxo

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