Blizzaire, Raela Moira, Star Wars: The Old Republic


“Hmm…I wonder where she went?” Vette playfully wondered aloud. “Could’ve sworn I saw her come this way…”

Leaning against the doorway of her room, Blizzaire smiled and watched silently as Vette began making her way around the couch on the bridge. The Fury’s engines were slowing down as they reached the orbital station above their destination. A small giggle managed to squeak through them…

“There she is!” Vette gasped and playfully began running after little Raela who had hidden behind the couch. Raela stood and began waddling as quickly as she could to her mother across the bridge, giggling the entire way there. She pushed herself underneath Blizz’s black cape and hid behind her boots, peeking around them to see if Auntie Vette had followed her. “Run and hide behind the boss,” Vette kneeled down, wagging her finger, “that’s cheating.”

“Haha, I wonder who she learned that from,” Blizz said, eyeing Vette as she reached down to pick up her daughter. “Hey, sometimes you have to fight and sometimes you have to run…I teach her the ‘running, hiding and breaking into stuff’ part. The fighting part is ALLLL yours.” Blizz brushed her daughter’s snow white hair with her hand and laid a gentle kiss as Raela tried to shyly bury herself in the shoulder of her armor, still playing with Vette.

“My Lov-My Lord, we’ve docked at Hoth’s orbital station when you’re ready to depart,” said Captain Malavai Quinn as he curtly entered the bridge. There was no finer pilot for the Fury and no finer an officer. Vette was capable of flying the ship, but Quinn had steadier hands. Sometimes Blizz would find him in the pilot’s seat with Raela sitting in his lap gazing out at the stars. Occasionally, he brushed off the overtly Imperial overlay that he walked tall with. Blizz wished he would do it more often, but she understood why he did it…because she did it too. She accepted her fall to the dark side a long time ago, but she never really claimed to be Imperial. Quinn was a born and raised Imperial citizen with a military family. Being any other role aside from the “loyal and dutiful officer” was strange to him.

“Excellent,” thanked Blizz as she handed Raela to Vette. “Bye, my love. I’ll be back soon,” she pressed a kiss to Raela’s tiny forehead. Ever since Raela was born, something in Blizz had…changed. She assumed it was motherly instinct, but it seemed more than that. Almost as if she had regained a part of her that she didn’t even really know she had lost. Her humanity, perhaps. When she fell to the dark side, she went all in. She had nothing left. She had tried to keep her sense of honor, but sometimes the pull to simply kill was a lot stronger.

Her apprentice, Jaesa Willsaam respectfully stood nearby and was ready to depart. In a way, Blizz saw some similarities between herself and Jaesa. She was taking great strides to train her and keep her light-sided tendencies hidden from the other Sith they crossed paths with lest it lead to a conflict. She had wanted to take Jaesa “as is” and chose not to tempt her during the final confrontation with Nomen Karr. If Jaesa fell to the dark side, it would be through her own discoveries. It would be Jaesa’s choice, just like it ultimately was for her. “Let’s go. It’s time to put an end to this.”

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