Blizz couldn’t help but relish the view of Hoth from orbit as the transport took her and Jaesa to the surface; one big, bright, ball of ice. There was something else though…it was extremely faint, but it was there. She tried to pinpoint it, but couldn’t quite get a grasp of it. Like the planet, it was beautiful…and it was stronger on the surface.

After landing, Blizz made her way to the outside of the base in order to get a good look at her surroundings. The sun reflected off the white snow with ease and the horizon continued unless stopped by a mountain. It very much reminded her of home. It was the last time she had seen this much snow. Removing her taloned gloves, she kneeled down and pressed her hands into the snow. The softness between her fingers brought back memories of her and the other children playing outside on Eshan. Part of her wanted to fall back into the powder and just lay there, but that wouldn’t exactly go over well for a Sith lord…instead, she took a deep breath of the chilling air and found peace.

“Master? Is something troubling you?” Jaesa’s powers of observation were sometimes a little off….and sometimes they were completely on target. Blizz hadn’t realized how long she had been kneeled down in the snow and promptly returned to her feet. Something WAS bothering her and Jaesa’s powers made it difficult to hide that from her, even if no one else could sense or see it. As much as Blizz enjoyed the childhood memories that Hoth brought to her, they came coupled with the memories of the attack that saw her people slaughtered and resulted in her in chains on Korriban. Over 10 years had passed since then and the memories continued to haunt her as if they happened yesterday. There was also the matter of the strange song that she had suddenly begun hearing upon their arrival. She could hear it more clearly now, but it was distant, somewhere to the East.

“Do you hear that? Blizz questioned her apprentice.

Confused, Jaesa stood still and closed her eyes, “I only hear the wind Master and the chatter from the Imperials nearby. Is…is this part of my training? Should I be hearing something?”

Curious…either only Blizz could hear it or she was the only one currently aware of it in its faint state, “There’s something else here.”

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