They were on Hoth tracking the final target of Plan Zero, Jedi Master Xerender, as instructed by Darth Baras. The Imperials on the surface had a lead to his location…and it led them all over the place. The land was dotted with patches of wild whitefangs, tauntauns, wampas, Republic soldiers and a strong, alien species called Talz that seemed to blend into the planet; one of whom, they kept crossing paths with.

Their travels took them eastward across the surface to their final target and to the song that had been calling to Blizz since their arrival. They reached an area the Imperials called the Glacial Fissure. In the center was a large natural structure that jutted out of the ground surrounded by a canyon of sorts…but that wasn’t even the interesting part of the landscape. South of that was something Blizz had never seen before…ice shards. Giant ice shards that stood tall out of the ground. There was nothing like that on Eshan…or at least not that she had seen. Her curiosity had been piqued and she wanted to explore while they were in the area. Master Xerender wasn’t going anywhere and, even better…the song was calling from somewhere within the crystalline forest. Her path was sound.

The frozen skyscrapers were more impressive up close. “Master, this is incredible! I didn’t know such a thing existed!” Jaesa exclaimed as they walked deeper into the icy area. “It’s….strange though. The ice has an energy to it,” she says as she examines a nearby shard. Blizz had barely heard her…the song was so strong here. She closed her eyes and meditated on the beautiful tune, trying to pinpoint it. She gasped, “It’s not ice!” She placed her hand on a nearby shard, “These are crystals.”

“When we arrived you said that something else was here,” Jaesa moved next to Blizz.

Even though their official relationship was as ‘master and apprentice’ they weren’t that far off in age from each other. It wasn’t like an adult talking to a child, but rather two friends who understood that they had to keep up appearances in public.

“Something has been singing to me since we started our descent to the surface…whatever it is, it’s in this area.”

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