“Hmm, if these are actually crystals then perhaps there’s a crystal here waiting for you.” Jaesa turned to Blizz, “During your training did you find your crystal?”

“What?” Blizz looked at her confused. You could find your own crystal? In the Sith, everyone had the bleeding red crystals that seemed to be synonymous with the dark side. There was never a choice in the matter. Once you had your saber, you were supplied a red crystal and that was that.

“When padawans near the end of their training, the Jedi masters take them to some of the crystal caves around the galaxy. Generally, a padawan’s training ends with the construction of their lightsaber and you need a crystal to do that,” Jaesa explained while they walked one of the natural paths through the area.

“So…you just went to one of the caves and chipped off a piece of a crystal that you liked?”

“Oh, no! The masters would never allow such a thing. The Jedi believe that lightsaber crystals bond with people. The crystal you’re meant to have will call to you. It chooses you. You don’t choose it,” Jaesa continued. Blizz tried to listen while they walked, but focused on honing in on the song’s source. If what Jaesa was saying was true, that your crystal chooses you…then she had to find it.

“I visited two caves before a crystal called to me. The caves were breathtaking and glowed like a nebula inside, but as beautiful as they were, they meant nothing…until I heard a song. I followed it til I came to a bright yellow crystal formation and…” Jaesa had gotten lost in her thoughts and carried on with her story.

Meanwhile Blizz carried on through the area. Hidden behind the exterior wall of crystals was an area that almost made no sense…there was a flowing lava formation in the center. It was surrounded by a variety of the planet’s native animals, but it almost seemed as if the roles had been reversed. There were tauntauns ganging up on wampas. They were even cornering whitefangs! The hunted became the hunter here. It was weird…but she liked it. It was like a natural revolt of sorts.

“…and then the crystal broke itself off and the rest is history,” Jaesa finished recounting her experience, but Blizz wasn’t even sure how much of it she had missed. Honestly, she didn’t really care anymore…because she had found it. She raced towards a clear ice shard that stood as tall as she did. “There you are,” Blizz whispered to herself.

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