She removed her gloves and reached out to touch it…it clouded where her hand was and became a solid white. Upon seeing the crystal react to her master’s touch, Jaesa turned away and held her distance respectfully. Each bonding was special and unique between the crystal and its chosen. She didn’t want to interrupt it or interfere. For Jaesa, she had to meditate and join her energy with the crystal’s before their bonding was completed.

“You called me here, but I don’t understand,” Blizz continued whispering, completely disregarding the fact that she was talking to a rock. The crystal felt alive. Despite the freezing temperature, the crystal had a warmth to it and it reacted to her presence. This wasn’t normal…or maybe it was and Blizz just didn’t understand it, “What am I supposed to do?”

She removed her hand from the crystal and it returned to its transparent state. She saw a woman clad in all white reflected in the crystal, but something about it was off. The woman’s face she saw in the crystal had the white hair and white eyes that were synonymous with her people, but her eyes were yellow and she had a red tattoo on the right side of her face. The reflection didn’t show that. It wasn’t dressed like her either. This wasn’t her…but she felt like she knew the face staring back at her all the same.

She reached out to touch the face looking back at her and the crystal didn’t turn white this time. Instead, the woman smiled warmly back at her and raised her hand as if to meet Blizz’s from the other side of a window. “Raela…” It clicked. She was looking at an older version of her daughter! Raela nodded after being recognized and was then overcome by what looked like a flurry…inside the crystal. “No!” Blizz rushed to the crystal, concerned at seeing her daughter disappear…but the storm died down quickly and revealed an image of her colony and the people she had grown up with…and had watched die. She still recognized their faces and remembered their names.

The memories of losing her family, her home….they were still fresh even after all this time and they still hurt. She found herself sinking to her knees in front of the crystal. The image of the colony soon disappeared and Raela reappeared in its place, kneeling down like Blizz. She couldn’t explain the warmth it felt to see Raela there smiling, but it was reassuring and comforting. She didn’t feel alone anymore. She felt whole and a smile crossed her face.

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