As if the crystal could understand what Blizz was thinking, it clouded over completely. Two shards broke off of it and fell to the ground in front of her. “Two?” Blizz wondered…she figured one was for her lightsaber, but what was the second one for? Staying kneeled on the ground, she removed her lightsaber from her side and meditated on it to remove the bloodied red crystal and replace it with one of the white ice crystals.

Once completed, she gathered the second crystal and rose to her feet, igniting her saber to reveal a blade that was white like her surroundings. Jaesa turned upon hearing a saber ignite, “It’s beautiful.” Blizz had completely forgotten she was there and was startled by her response. “I could sense your energy during your bonding…are you okay? It seemed pretty intense at points and calm at others.”

Staring at the white blade as if in a trance, she whispered, “Yeah.” Blizz remained quiet for a few seconds following, processing everything. She was eager to finish the mission here and return to the ship and sheathed her blade. She picked her gloves up off the ground and placed the second crystal into the small compartment that was found on one of them.

“I believe we have a Jedi master to find,” she turned to Jaesa who nodded and they continued off to finish their mission.

Upon returning to the ship, she was greeted at the entrance by Quinn who formally congratulated her on completing her mission and questioned if she was ready to report to Darth Baras. Before answering, she rounded the corner and entered the bridge. On the couch was Raela who looked as if she had fallen asleep while playing and someone had attempted to tuck her in with a loose blanket. “Baras has waited a long time to finish Plan Zero,” Blizz turned to him. “He can wait a little longer.” On his face, Quinn disagreed, but he went along with it and returned to the cockpit to pilot them away from Hoth.

She walked over quietly and gingerly picked up her daughter, trying not to wake her, and snuggled her closely. The crystal had shown her something she had had for a while, but had believed she was missing…


She was the last one standing from her colony and she had felt alone ever since. But where she had lost everything then, she had gained so much more. Her vengeance had been had, she had a place in the galaxy, a ship that she called home…and a family that filled it. It took a crystal on a frozen planet to show her that…and every swing of her blade would remind her of it.

She wasn’t alone anymore and she had something worth fighting for.


Author’s Note: The characters of Blizzaire (Blizz) and Raela (Raela Moira) found in this story are OC’s in my personal canon from Bioware’s MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic.

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