[STORY 3] “Do you hear that? Blizz questioned her apprentice. Confused, Jaesa stood still and closed her eyes, “I only hear the wind Master and the chatter from the Imperials nearby. Is…is this part of my training? Should I be hearing something?” Curious…either only Blizz could hear it or she was the only one currently aware of it in its faint state, “There’s something else here.”



[STORY 2] “You. Are. Nothing,” he spat. “Your life prior to this moment means nothing. Your loved ones, jobs, achievements…they all mean nothing. Not like any of you worms had anything to be proud of anyway.”

Snow Angels

[STORY 1] Blizz closed her eyes, head tilted up to the stars still and took a long deep breath of the cold air. “Are you alright?” Raela said softly, as she joined her mother’s side.

”You’ve been wanting answers,” her mother said softly. “You’re going to get them.”